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Wood Fence Installation

Premium wood fence installation in Dallas, Texas. A wood fence around your yard not only gives you privacy and solitude, but it also discourages intruders, keeps kids safe while playing, and contains pets. On top of that, wood fences add beauty and substantial value to your home. 

Wood fence

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Wood fences surely change the look of your places. They give it a decent look. We have several designs and patterns of wood fences our customers can choose from. We provide one of the best services in setting up fences and using the highest quality of wood and still manage to stay within the budget. We provide wood fence and post installation services. We also repair the installed fences and make them look brand new again. You can contact us to get an idea of our wood fence repair cost. Our company also replaces any damaged panels. You will be mesmerized by the quotation of our wood fence replacement panels cost.

We provide wood panel fence and post installation. We have highly professional teams which measure and install the wood fences. They do all their work with passion and produce glorious results. The company offers repair and replacement services for wooden fences or posts. Our team performs their tasks within the designated time, and we generate as little wastage as we can. We believe in doing the right job in the first place.

How to Install a Fence 


Fence Posts

Four-by-four posts set relatively easily in post holes with dry concrete—not wet concrete. After you pour water into the dry mix, the water momentarily fills the hole before filtering out through the soil. The concrete then hardens in less than an hour.

Fence Panels

Fence panels are available at most home centers and lumberyards. Panels usually are 6 feet high, a height that conforms with most building codes. You’ll find a variety of fence tops to choose: solid, lattice, dog-ear, and venetian (a slatted horizontal style).As each panel is 8 feet long, the posts must be spaced 8 feet apart, measured from the side of one post to the adjacent post’s facing side. This is an important distinction, since spacing the posts 8 feet apart on-center would not allow enough space for the panels.

You’ll find the project easier and more enjoyable during dry, warm months. In areas that experience extreme cold, you may not be able to begin the project while the ground is frozen. Think about the future, too. If you plan to fence your entire property, start as early in the season as possible, since fence-building can go slowly.